Burning Bright

In the forest of the night

Vitreous enamel fired onto copper. 6×4 ins. One of several pictures that emerged from the kiln this week as I explored some new colours and ignored the text books. It’s amazing what you can get from a bit of battered scrap copper


About Harry Nicholson

I'm an enameller who works with a kiln, fusing pictures in glass onto copper. I write a few poems and short stories. There is an eBook anthology of them, 'Green Linnet' on Amazon. Also a novel, 'Tom Fleck', set in the North of England of 1513 - the year of Flodden. A sequel to 'Tom Fleck' is 'The Black Caravel' published in 2016. My anthology of poems came out in 2015: 'Wandering About.' I've a blog of poems, stories and art at: https://1513fusion.wordpress.com/
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16 Responses to Burning Bright

  1. 2e0mca says:

    Looks good – love that red 🙂

  2. thirdhandart says:

    Beautiful art!

  3. Harry a beautiful piece. It leaves me speechless. I want cats in all colors too.

  4. Patti Kuche says:

    The fire has been seized and framed, without fear, in symmetry.

  5. Another beautiful piece of art, Harry. It’s lovely.

  6. 1sojournal says:

    I have heard it often, “Take the time to learn and live with the rules, only then have you earned the right to leave them behind and go wherever you inner fire leads you.” Your work is proof of that Harry, and thank you for sharing its beauty with all of us,


  7. Mike Patrick says:

    Harry, I’ve read all you’ve written about the process of creating this amazing art form, but I would love to watch you do it. When I first saw photos of your work, I thought the results were happenstance, but these latest pieces . . . they look like hours of tedious labor went into creating the tiniest detail. Have you discovered the Philosopher’s Stone?

    • “Have you discovered the Philosopher’s Stone?”
      That’s a good point, Mike. I was impressed when a prominent enameller addressed a meeting with the words: ‘You people should stop worrying whether you are artists or craftworkers – you are alchemists; you subject your efforts to the furnace and they are metamorphosed’.

      Sometimes the finest pieces are the simplest to make – I work from the heart rather than the head. Mostly I make backgrounds and then, depending on how they appear, begin to intuit the image.
      Sometimes though, the gallery rings up and asks for more cats – so I set out to make cats, and cats and cats, in all colours; but it means I can then afford good materials.

  8. Marie says:

    Very cool. That red is so vivid. Nice job.

  9. Andy Szpuk says:

    Grrrrreat piece of work, Harry!

  10. earlybird says:

    Great Tyger! I really like the composition of the piece – they way he’s in a clearing and framed by the trees which sort of grow out of him.

  11. jinksy says:

    I’m all for ignoring the textbooks… The watery feel to the background is nothing short of magical. Your tiger is stalking in front of a huge aquarium!

  12. Susannah says:

    That is wonderful Harry, that background is fantastic, I love the colours!

    It is good sometimes to ignore the textbooks. 😉

    Good to see you at I Saw Sunday – we missed you!

  13. Thanks Viv. Next year’s enamel conference theme is ‘jungle’ – so I keep playing around with ideas.

  14. Sheer Kahn personified.

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