Walks with the cuckoo.

2016-05-17 10.37.30I’ve been for a constitutional on Sleights Moor. Exercise is good, but I move so slowly – there is so much to engage the senses.  Here be a bronze age burial mound with a trig point, a good place to sit and think, and listen to peewit, curlew and skylark – and the mew of a bird I don’t recognise.

2016-05-17 11.19.23On the moor edge this little chap came up to me, making faint bleats. He is a roe deer fawn – you can tell that by the two white spots on his top lip.

2016-05-17 11.19.28I was dressed in grey, so perhaps he thought I was his mother.

2016-05-17 11.19.37Closer he came . . . I reached out.

2016-05-17 11.20.05But that was too much and he walked away to tall grass, and curled up like a crescent. All the while I sensed his mother was watching from cover.

2016-05-17 11.22.46The cuckoo arrived so I sat on this rock for half an hour and listened.

2016-05-17 11.41.46Took my first ever selfie. I’m all grey like the rock – maybe almost as old. The cuckoo circled me, calling – he might have thought I was a likely rock to perch upon.

2016-05-17 11.57.31He gave me up and settled by a drystone wall. He called from there. A pipit came to see him off.

2016-05-17 11.57.44He got fed up with the pipit and moved away.

2016-05-17 12.11.31The way down ran through chiff-chaff country. All was song.

2016-05-17 12.17.47Down into Eskdale. Beneath this green road is a 30 year old North Sea gas pipe. I thought ‘you would never guess.’

2016-05-17 12.18.15The ash marks a vanished hedgerow.

2016-05-17 12.19.02Sheep pass through easily these days.

2016-05-17 12.22.12But long ago a farmer blocked a gap with the end of the bed his grandad had died in.

2016-05-17 11.20.05A last look at the fawn. I hope he makes it through and has a life.




About Harry Nicholson

I once bred Beveren rabbits in all colours. Today, I'm an enameller who works with a kiln, fusing pictures in glass onto copper. On Amazon is my novel, 'Tom Fleck', set in the North of England of 1513 - the year of Flodden. A sequel to 'Tom Fleck' is 'The Black Caravel' published in 2016. My anthology of poems came out in 2015: 'Wandering About.' Recently I published memoirs of my time in the Merchant Navy: 'The Best of Days' and 'You'll See Wonders" I've a blog of poems, stories and art at: https://1513fusion.wordpress.com/
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3 Responses to Walks with the cuckoo.

  1. A thrilling experience. Lucky you, Harry. And I love all the photos.

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