Necks outstretched,

pink feet tucked beneath their tails,

more wild geese cross the coast.

Weary arctic wings straining

to clear the hushed moor.

Two long, wavering skeins –

broadhead arrows in the sky.

The matriarch at the point falls back.

Bleating cries: ‘I’m here! I’m here!’

‘Are you there?’ – ‘I’m here! I’m here!’

They clutch my heart again,

as they do each October.

Iā€™m stirred by something old,

the time of migration.

What is it that I need to do?



Harry Nicholson


17 Responses to Geese

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Harry, it’s lovely to read your poetry again – it’s been too long since those heady days on First Class when you treated us to a poem every day – either yours or from some other wonderful poets. I shall never forget your Lessons from the Geese – it is on the wall by my desk!

    • Ah yes, good days they were. I’m off to Scotland tomorrow; perhaps I’ll meet the muse on Carter Bar. She will – she will! form her loose, Rachel shape from the drifting walls of mist.

  2. Old Raven says:

    What is it that you need to do? Keep sharing your love of all things natural with us. How lovely this is. We have geese … I mean in my area. I went to a camp called Kehonka, a camp my mother and sister also attended in New Hampshire on the left side of the Atlantic. I was told as a child that it a Goose.

    Harry, I wanted you to know that I am extremely grateful for the comment that you left upon one of my “war poems:” what you said was extremely important and helpful to me. ThNK YOU.

  3. masterful.

    please comment to let us know after you are done returning favors and making a minimum 18 comments,

    Happy Rally.
    Thanks a ton for the beautiful entry and instant participation.

  4. becca givens says:

    Since I do not have geese near me in TX – I am always mesmerized when I see them in the Northeast when I travel ~~ Thank you for sharing!

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  6. kez says:

    beautiful you captured the feeling when you see the huge geese flying so majestically …thank you x

  7. Ector Ward says:

    Harry, your poetry is so personable. I believe i know you as an old friend. This poem, Geese, gives me much needed hope. Thanks.

  8. this is so enjoyable,

    you are born a poet, smiles.
    Happy Rally.


  9. your words captured geese in stunning senses, sharp and beautiful.

    Happy Rally.

  10. Ina says:

    Lovely poem šŸ™‚

  11. poetryroad says:

    Its early morning here in Florida and I can hear our geese crying out back and then I was reading this and it was like poetry in action. Great job!

  12. Pat Cegan says:

    lovely, harry, more please! hugs, pat

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