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Welcome to Fusion and 1513. It comes out of Eskdale in North Yorkshire, England. Have a look at the enamels, stories and verses; also details of my Tudor novel, ‘Tom Fleck’.

The historical adventure, ‘Tom Fleck’, is set in the year 1513. In 2013 we saw the 500th anniversary of the great events that determined Tom’s future.  I’ve embarked upon a sequel – its working title is ‘The Black Caravel’.  It will take up the story of Tom Fleck and Rachel Coronel twentythree years after they met – and we should meet their children.

Note: 2 Sep 2016: ‘The Black Caravel’ is now finished and displayed on Amazon.


2 Responses to About

  1. Dolores Davis says:

    Fragments of Tom’s world is a delightful insight into the ancient roots of Northern England. As an American possessing a modicum of muddled English heritage, i find your storytelling touching and entertaining …

    • Thank you, Dolores. It still feels ancient away from the roads and particularly at night. I’d be a touch nervous in the dark among the standing stones on the moor above this house. My forebears have been around this region since at least 1570 and, considering the surnames, probably much longer . . . so I feel at home.

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